Math Moves U

Raytheon’s Sponsored program that motivates children to look into Math as part of their daily activities. We have received $72,000 in MathMovesU Scholarships over the last 11 years.

The Robotics program for the 7th and 8th Grade students involve building the Lego robots and then programming them to perform tasks from moving to throwing a ball to detecting color

Music Band
Our band program is overseen by Paul Elffman Music.  Students from Grade 2 – 8 are invited to participate.  Lesson begin in October and continue weekly until the end of the school year.  Instruction is offered in Violin, Flute, Woodwinds, Trumpet, Drums, and Saxaphone. Here is the link to register today!

STREAM is incorporated into every classroom at ICS.  Our projects from PreSchool to Grade 8 incorporate Science, Technology, Religion, Art and Math.  Our Lower School students have access to the STEM Beginnings Program, we have BeeBots to program in Computer Science Class, and our Elementary and Middle School students work on integrated projects including Coding and in 7th and 8th Grade a Robotics program.