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IC School offers two complete libraries, our Early Childhood Library is located in the Convent School and the main library is located in the Lower School.

Picture books, books about dinosaurs, animals and beginning reader books are among the many in the Early Childhood Library geared towards our younger students. A weekly library class is held for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students. The Pre-school and Pre-kindergarten classes attend twice weekly. Library class for the Pre-school through Kindergarten students involves a story-time period, followed by the opportunity to choose a library book to take home and read. The children look forward to making their weekly book choices.

Grade 1 students also have story-time. Chapter books appropriate to their grade level are read and discussed. Students in Grade 1 also enjoy doing various word searches and crossword puzzles related to the seasons or to the stories we are reading. In the coming months the students will participate in a project involving the book Flat Stanley. We will read Flat Stanley together as a class. The students will then create a Flat Stanley of their own during Library class and take him home to participate in the students daily adventures. They will photograph their version of Flat Stanley and then present their photos to the class. This has always been an enjoyable project for the students as it helps to bring the character into their lives and off the pages of the book.

Students in Grades 2 through 5 have been doing grade appropriate projects using the dictionary. In the world of computers the children don’t often get the opportunity to utilize a hard copy dictionary and this gives them that chance. In the weeks ahead we will be working with the thesaurus. A book report will be assigned to students in Grades 3 through 5, which they will be able to complete during Library class.

The goal of course, for all of our students, is to foster a love of reading. Reading is the foundation of any good education. As I always tell the students, “READ! READ! READ!

Andrea Dollen
School Librarian