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Russ and Jaimie Goliger were looking for a faith-based education for their family and chose Immaculate Conception School (ICS) after much research and feedback from other parents. Olivia, who is a sixth grade student, has been at ICS since kindergarten. Also attending are brothers William, in the third grade, and Timothy, who is in Kindergarten.

“We feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful school. Our children are learning so much more than can be measured by an aptitude test,” they said. “Along with great academics they are learning the life skills that we value, such as kindness, compassion and caring for those around them,” said Jaimie.

Both Gerry and Claire Richer attended parochial school so it was quite natural for them to want their children to receive a Catholic education as well. Fifteen years ago, their oldest daughter, Carolynn, began her education at ICS. She then attended Notre Dame Academy in Worcester and is now a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. Their son, Alex, graduated from ICS and is presently a senior at St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury. “They were both well prepared for secondary school and college,” said Gerry. “We are very happy with the academic training they received.

It’s more than that, though. A private school can’t compete with public schools in physical plants, but it is more the spiritual component, caring about others and the religious training that is first rate as well as outstanding academics,” he said. Their youngest son, Peter, will be graduating this year from ICS.

Larry and Kathleen Park were attracted to ICS by its academic vigor and the success of its graduates in secondary schools. They were also looking for a school that emphasized character development and high moral expectations. “We found all this in ICS plus a teaching style of clear expectations and consistent consequences which was a perfect match for our daughter’s personality and learning style”, commented Kathleen.

Both Larry and Kathleen come from families with long Protestant heritages and are very active in their church. They were concerned about sending their daughter to a Catholic school. They did not want Lindsay, who entered ICS in kindergarten and is now in the sixth grade, to feel like an outsider because of different faith practices. Larry said, “Our concerns were never realized, Lindsay has been embraced for who she is, and she is very much part of the ICS family.”

ICS is enthusiastically recommended and supported by the Parks, who summarized their thoughts by saying “Lindsay has had an exceptional education both academically and spiritually, she has made many friends and relationships that will last a lifetime.”